9 Factors That Help In Creating SEO Friendly Content

Any content on the web that is created with the sole purpose of attracting search engine traffic is called search engine optimized content. Search engine optimized websites with a good backlinking rank higher in the search engines. If your website shows up on the main page in search results, you are likely to get more clicks, shares, and engagement. But even the best-written articles that are difficult to find are rendered useless. Writing an article is one thing but creating an SEO content requires special skills and practice. In terms of search engine rankings, every blog post is like a web page which can be optimized with specific keywords for search engines. For a company which provides search engine optimization Services, to write SEO friendly articles, there arecertain things that should be kept in mind.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the first thing you should do if you want to generate traffic search. It will give you an idea about which words are getting the maximum search volumes. If you are able to figure out words that the audience are looking for most, you can focus on creating content which people are already searching for. You can identify keywords relevant to your topic by using keyword planning tools like the one from Google or some more advanced one like Ahrefs or SERPATAT.

Keyword Optimization

Knowing where and how to use the keywords is critical to creating search engine optimized content. The better you make use of the keywords, the better will be the chances of getting a higher rank. Keywords should be used in the title, headlines, Alt tags, meta descriptions, and main copy.

Content Organization

Organizing the content on your site in a logical way is not only good for SEO but will keep your visitors engaged and help them find other related content easily. The longer they stay on your site the better it would be.

Use headlines and subheaders

Using headlines and sub-headers makes your writing skimmable and therefore easier to read. It becomes more likely that readers will share things if they are easy to read. It is the same for search engine robots as well. When crawling through your site, they will recognize your headlines and use them to understand your content better. Also, using headers and subheaders may increase keyword saturation, but it shouldn’t be abused to game the system.

Add links to previous content

The number of backlinks a content gets is also considered by the search engines while ranking the content. Good content tends to get quite a few of backlinks, both external as well as internal. Linking older content with your newer posts helps drive traffic. It also helps search engine robots and people to find your good articles. Also, the validity of website will increase if it is linked with good quality, reputable websites. The better the links, the higher would be your page rank in search results. Using credible sources within the content creates trust among the readers.

Optimize the length of your article

In earlier days, most blog posts would have up to several hundred words. It was a numbers game, the more posts you published, the more traffic you got. It’s rarely the case these days. Over the last several years, Google tends to give higher priority to content that are long and of better quality. Using a free tool like SEO Rambler will help you identify the common length of articles that are ranking for the targeted keywords. This will help you in finding what the optimum length of your article should be in order to have a chance of getting a higher rank.

Optimize your images

A search engine optimization company or a website design company should know that images make your content interesting and shareable. People are more inclined to buy from companies whose websites have attractive and relevant photos. Photos can be optimized by adding keywords to the image files and providing the ALT tags. Size of the photos should also be optimized. Too large a picture can slow down the loading time and negatively impact the SEO. Photos should be of the minimum size possible without comprising on the visibility or the quality.

Make the content shareable

Visibility of the new content you create on your website can be increased by sharing it on social networks and building links to it, both internally and externally. Once an SEO-friendly interesting article has been written which is rich in content that people want to read, the next step would be to make it sharable. With the help of websites like ShareThis and AddThis, you can add social media buttons to your website so that people are able to share the content easily. The more it is shared, the better the chances of increased search engine rankings.

Write high-quality content

This aspect is quite obvious and should be pretty self-evident, but it isn’t always given due importance. If you want people to read your article and get them engaged, it is imperative that you create content that is useful and entertaining and engrossing at the same time. Search engines duly reward sites that have high-quality, rich and relevant content. Quality is often more important than almost every other parameter discussed above.